Comprehensive Trust Services for Corporate Restructuring and Dissolution

KallanderGroup provides Advisory Services and Comprehensive Trust Services for distressed and special situations. We provide dispassionate advice to Investor Groups, Boards of Directors and CEOs to help define their options when faced with changing market conditions, under performance, insolvency, or lack of capital. When the only remaining option is an asset sale and exit, KallanderGroup can provide end-to-end services to manage and negotiate a sale, address governance issues, and administer an orderly winding up of the Company that provides the best value to creditors and stockholders.

For over 12 years KallanderGroup has honed its expertise and process approach to provide services that are fast and efficient, while fully complying with relevant statutes. By doing so, we substantially mitigate liability for officers and directors while providing the best possible outcome for employees, creditors, and stockholders. This fact is reflected by the venture capital, private equity, and law firms that refer business to us.

Our Focus and Track Record

We specialize in early and emerging stage venture and private equity backed portfolio companies where the prospect for an "up exit" is questionable and investors are reluctant to deploy additional capital. We have worked with some of the best venture and private equity funds in the business, including: Battery Ventures, Northbridge Ventures, NEA, HIG Capital, Riverside Partners, Commonwealth Capital, Fairhaven Capital, FlyBridge Ventures, Boston Common Angels, and many others. In addition, our unique relationship with Boston area and national law firms and accounting firms provides the platform of trust to come up to speed quickly on new projects. While our specialty is non-judicial resolutions (to avoid the stigma and cost of judicial approaches), we are adept at providing our services in bankruptcy and foreclosure situations as well.

Once KallanderGroup is engaged, we can focus on our upside companies! They handle the myriad issues associated with underperforming portfolio companies that are unlikely to provide a return to our LPs.

~ Managing Partner at a Venture Capital Fund


Turnkey Trust Services

KallanderGroup specializes in turnkey trust services for underperforming Venture Capital and Private Equity portfolio companies....>

Orderly Sale Process

KallanderGroup’s Orderly Sale Process (OSP) provides a timely and cost-effective approach to M&A when traditional investment.....>

Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Workout

While the majority of our work are turnkey trust services....>

Turnkey Trust Services

KallanderGroup specializes in turnkey trust services for underperforming Venture Capital and Private Equity portfolio companies. We have the experience, skill, and track record to maximize value recovery for the benefit of creditors and stockholders while mitigating legal and financial exposure. Our fund clients will attest to our ability to achieve these objectives while allowing them to deploy capital in their upside companies instead of being consumed by the details of a distressed asset.

We provide full management and administration of an orderly winding up in compliance with Delaware General Corporate Law (DGCL) and other jurisdictions. The DGCL provides an efficient, cost-effective, and non-judicial approach that is suitable in most cases. This approach avoids the stigma and cost of judicial approaches like bankruptcy. However, where extensive litigation is involved or anticipated KallanderGroup may advise an alternative judicial approach.

KallanderGroup’s end-to-end services include the preparation of all governance actions for counsel’s review, preparation of the Liquidation Analysis defining the priority stack, employee terminations, creditor claim process and settlements, benefit plan terminations, asset sale and liquidation, tax filing, dissolution, contract terminations, and wind down period custodial/trustee services. Custodial/trust services include the collection and distribution of revenue streams including earn outs, holdbacks and escrows, settlements, royalty streams and liquidating plans.

Orderly Sale Process

KallanderGroup’s Orderly Sale Process (OSP) provides a timely and cost-effective approach to M&A when traditional investment banking approaches have failed, or where the expected asset value doesn’t justify the minimum fee structures for investment bankers. Using an innovative bid process and Virtual Data Room, we can cast as wide a net as necessary to determine market players and quickly move to a term sheet. Sales typically result in an Asset Sale –KallanderGroup is expert at structuring and negotiating Asset Purchase Agreements. The OSP is oriented to selling “substantially all of the assets” of the Company, but can be tailored to sell Intellectual Property (IP), Plant and Equipment, and other corporate assets (contracts, URLs, trade names, etc.) individually.

Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Workout

  • Bankruptcy, including Chief Restructuring Officer, Liquidating Trustee, and other administrative services.
  • Balance Sheet restructuring, including lease restructuring, re-negotiating onerous contracts, creditor settlements, account collections, credit line renegotiation, and asset liquidation.
  • Foreclosures, including both cooperative and UCC Article 9 Sales.


Barry Kallander

Barry is an experienced executive who has held positions as CEO, Chairman, senior vice president and vice president in operations, service delivery, sales, and consulting. During his 30-year career, Mr. Kallander has lead businesses providing management consulting, strategy, software, and hardware solutions to the electric power, financial services, major manufacturing, and high tech industries. He has held senior executive positions in companies ranging from venture-backed startups to $5B conglomerates. His broad industry background coupled with his management experience allows him to spin up quickly in virtually any situation. Barry can be reached at barry@kallandergroup.com.

Kristin Larson

Kristin is Managing Director and is responsible for the finance, accounting, and human resource functions of the companies we manage. She has over 20 years’ experience, starting at Ernst and Young and working as Controller/VP Finance for the past 10 years, primarily in venture backed companies. She graduated from University of Richmond with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. Kristin can be reached at kristin@kallandergroup.com.

Laurie James

Laurie is Claims Manager and handles claims and communications with stockholders and creditors. She has over 10 years’ experience in accounting and administration. Laurie can be reached at laurie@kallandergroup.com.

Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja

Gregg is Logistics Manager and handles asset liquidation, disposition, and facility exits/cleanouts. He has over 10 years’ experience in warehouse management including shipping/receiving and online equipment sales management. Gregg can be reached at gregg@newport-trading.com.